Innovative Finance

Innovative Finance within Wilderness Foundation Africa is aimed at developing and implementing new and innovative financial solutions for sustainable landscapes in Africa, with particular focus on protected and conserved areas.

Sustainable Finance


This Project aims to develop South Africa’s first cohesive conservation finance network through establishing the Sustainable Finance Coalition (the Coalition) and to drive the development and implementation of new innovative finance solutions to increase finance flows for conservation impacts.

Contact: Candice Stevens (Head: Innovative Finance and Policy),

The Innovative Finance team is currently managing, implementing or supporting projects in the following countries: Uganda, Namibia, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia and Seychelles.

Innovative Finance


The Innovative Finance Team at WFA pilots and implements finance solutions for conservation landscapes.

The team ensures that stakeholders in landscapes gain access to available finance solutions to boost their conservation efforts, such as South Africa’s Biodiversity Tax Incentives, Municipal Property Rates for Protected Areas and Sustainable Finance Advisory.

Biodiversity Management Agreement Tax Incentive Pilot Project: for the application of Section 37C(1) of the ITA for the management and conservation of threatened species: rhino and lion.

This pilot project will test section 37C(1) of the Income Tax Act for the first time since its inclusion in legislation in 2009. The incentive is linked to a deduction for expenses incurred for the conservation and maintenance of species and ecosystems with Biodiversity Management Plans and associated Biodiversity Management Agreements under section 44 of NEMBA. The incentive is being tested with rhino and lion owners.