RIP Ella, a retired Forever Wild Rhino cold track K9

Feb 2, 2023 | WFA News

Ella – a retired Forever Wild Rhino cold track K9 – was rushed into surgery on Friday 27th January 2023 due to gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV) complication. She survived the long anaesthetic and  was walking after the surgery in spite of her blood tests being guarded. Sadly she passed away this week from post-surgical complications.

A Bloodhound Doberman cross with an amazing sense of smell, she was specially selected by the Chipimbere Rhino Foundation to be part of the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative. A “cold scent” tracker dog, Ella could effectively follow older tracks – a vital skill used to track and apprehend poachers who have long vacated the scene of the crime.

RIP Ella. You served your fellow living beings with loyalty and distinction as guardian and companion.

Thank you to all her past handlers especially Eric, Nick and Azola and her original trainer Aiden. To her family of funders – Medivet, we thank you for providing for her every need during her years as a cold track K9 in service of rhino. Thank you also to Chipembere Rhino Foundation for your support.

Many more loved Ella and shared life and duty with this special canine, we will all miss her dearly.