Forever Wild

Conservation Programme

The Forever Wild Conservation Programme uses iconic wildlife species as flagships to draw attention to challenges facing conservation and wilderness areas across Africa.

Conservation interventions can be directed towards these species resulting in the protection of landscapes and the associated wildlife, and the promotion of beneficiation to local communities.

Wilderness Foundation Forever Wild Rhino Programme

Forever Wild

Rhino Protection Initiative

The Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative focuses on conserving free ranging and viable populations of black and white rhino in the wild. The initiative has a number of components that include the establishment of new populations in suitable habitat, law enforcement support and rhino horn demand reduction in Vietnam.

Wild Rhino

Demand Reduction Programme

The Wild Rhino campaign uses locally generated informative material, social media, events, seminars, presentations, competitions and first hand African wildlife experiences to work alongside the youth of Vietnam, to improve the understanding of rhino protection and to motivate them to become ambassadors for the cause to end the trade in rhino horn.

The Wild Rhino campaign has also made huge strides to involve individuals, university students and business people who want to get involved in conservation awareness activities.

Contact: Matthew Norval (Chief Operations Officer: Conservation), matthew@wfa.africa

Desert rhino habitat and meta-population management

Creating the enabling platform for rhino recovery with specific reference to desert / southwestern black rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis)

The aim of this project is to improve meta-population management of South Africa’s population of Diceros bicornis bicornis (D.b.b.), with the following three outcomes: initiate and coordinate a D.b.b. meta-population management group; develop and implement a D.b.b. meta-population plan; Develop a habitat expansion and reintroduction potential plan for D.b.b. with reference to existing, expanded and new protected areas; Develop a pilot protected area expansion / consolidation and reintroduction plan for South Africa’s population of D.b.b.

Contact: Matthew Norval (Chief Operations Officer: Conservation), matthew@wfa.africa

Forever Wild

African Penguin Conservation Initiative

Enabling continuation of monitoring and appropriate management of threatened seabirds in the Addo Elephant National Park Marine Protected Area

The aim of this project, supported by IUCN Save Our Species and co-funded by EU International Partnerships, is to support proactive and reactive management and ongoing monitoring of critical endangered seabird populations in the Addo Elephant National Park Marine Protected Area.This will be done through monitoring African Penguin populations and nesting success, and thereby reduce mortalities; and monitoring and where appropriate manage Cape Cormorant population and breeding grounds.

African Penguins Conservation
Bird island African Penguin Conservation

Supported by IUCN Save Our Species, co-funded by the European Union

Contact: Matthew Norval (Chief Operations Officer: Conservation), matthew@wfa.africa