New partnership to accelerate nature protection

Sep 7, 2023 | WFA News

Wilderness Foundation Africa is pleased to announce it has partnered with EarthToday tech company and the Union of Nature Foundation, as they share common goals of protecting and sustaining landscapes to safeguard biodiversity and secure our planet for future generations. is a for-purpose digital platform which aims to accelerate the protection of 50% of the planet by 2050. Funded by a growing group of private investors, the company focuses on private sector engagement in nature protection and funnels 83% of all revenue raised through the platform to conservation organisations through the Union of Nature Foundation. Union of Nature is the world’s first business-model collaboration of conservation organisations working together to reach the 50 x 50 goal.

On everyone can buy and collect uon (units of nature) for $1.20 per m² and receive a geo-coded digital proof of protection, registered in their name. Businesses use uon (m²)  as a purpose-driven reward, engaging customers and employees.

On the new partnership, Dr Andrew Muir, Wilderness Foundation Africa CEO, said “we need to promote innovative and sustainable models for conservation funding and resource mobilisation in order to address the challenging and interlinked issues of climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality.”

Support our protection and expansion efforts in this exciting new way: meter by meter!

Funding goes to the Tanglewood Conservation Area project.